Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cleaning 3 feet at a time West to East

So I needed some cleaning inspiration.

The wind is blowing west to east.

There ya go.

I'm cleaning the house west to east.

I started with the first three feet across the bathroom.  This included tossing a slimy scrap of bar soap, washing the towels & getting out new toothbrushes for Hot & I.  I also wiped down the sink and mirror and tidied my drawer under the sink. 

Then the laundry room.  That was easy.  Tidy the markers and kid desk.  I cleaned out the 4 drawers last weekend so that was good.  3 feet puts me just short of needing to take out the recycling.... that will be the NEXT three feet.

Same with the living room.  No problem.  I dusted the window sill.  Then I hit the game cabinet and the office armoire.  That was a bit more work but still good.  All the stray game pieces are now in their rightful home. 

Upstairs.  I cleaned Tuff's closet.  Fair is fair.  And the dressup bin.  And the shoe bin.  And Tuff's desk.  And the toy shelf.

Then on to the hall closet.  Ugh.  Getting tired.  But it wasn't bad and now it is done.  I moved some paint back to the kitchen..... stupid. 

Now, technically, I have to clean my closet but that ain't happening.  I have all of my hangers turned backwards and I'm turning them forwards when I wear the clothes.  I have a promise from my sister to help me sort, purge & create outfits next time she is here.

So now I'm taking a break before I go for the next 3 feet.  This will include scrubbing the tub, cleaning out under the sink, the kids' toothbrush drawer & the bathroom hair pretty drawer.  Oh dear.  The recycling in the laundry room.  Nothing in the living room and not much in the upstairs bedrooms..... oh.... my dresser.  That won't be bad.  I'll toss some underpants.  Excellent. 

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