Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Add ons to THE LIST from you people....

Pay property taxes They are due end of April and end of October.  Ours are running at just over $2000 for the year right now.

Update calendars/reminders
I have to update the ipod with school dates every fall.  I get the kids at 3:15 on Monday and Friday and after 5:00 Tu-W-Th... and all those odd little dates have to be recorded.  Once for me, once for Hot, once for my mil, once for my boss (for days off).  I use a paper perpetual calendar (that I made) for birthdays.

And the little daily schedule for school has to be updated with library books, show-n-tell, pe shoes etc.

I do this in October when we do health insurance for the state.  And addresses are done with my office inventory stuff for work in December.  I use the same emergency contact sheet for work and home.

Toys/clothes purge
Maybe if I set a date I wouldn't feel so perpetually overwhelmed by this.  And I wouldn't chronically have a pile of too small stuff on the laundry room counter.  Ah-hah Moment.  We do a toy rotation... one tub in and one tub out on a fairly regular basis... but a schedule would be good.

Smoke alarms and furnace filters
We don't have a furnace but I do schedule a yearly pellet stove cleaning in August.  And how often do you change the batteries in the smoke alarms?  I've heard twice a year when you do daylight savings time but I've been doing it on Valentine's.  Ok.  check that.  I bought the batteries.  They are on the laundry room counter.

Tax Stuff
I gather the tax stuff in a file that says, oddly enough, "taxes" and then sort and organize it during the Super Bowl.  That's when I make notes of what is missing and track things down and fill in the paperwork.  Then I have it all gathered by President's Day for drop off at the accountant.  Our taxes are easy.... but I also anticipate doing taxes someday in the future for the farm.... that's more complex.... deductions and write offs and quarterly payments....  maybe someday.

Have you seen the new two-sided scanners?  Maybe they aren't new.  But that is something I would find very valuable if we ever become full-time farmers.  I'm in an organizating situation with scanning now.... I need to do better at sorting my digital files and figuring out what else needs to be scanned.  I have a pile and I'm procrastinating.  We are ditching our safety deposit box in favor of putting things in the safe at home.  Some of it has been easy... some not so much.

And I get one vote for weekly laundry with sheets on Saturdays and dog beds once a month.  Anyone else??

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