Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I Love for Breakfast

Toast topped with a runny fried egg and cheese
Oatmeal with milk, brown sugar and craisins
Scrambled eggs with veggies and sausage
Nuked egg with spinach and parm on a whole-wheat english muffin
Vanilla (or Greek) yogurt with Fiber One cereal and chocolate sauce
Apple with laughing cow cheese wedge
Pancakes or waffles or biscuits

I've never been a breakfast eater.  But I try.  I think breakfast should have some protein and a little bit of fat so it sticks with you.  Following are the top 5 breakfasts my kids will eat:

1.  Hot pocket
2.  Corn dog
3.  Chicken nuggets
4.  Cocopuffs
5.  Leftover pizza

Do you see the problem?

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