Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Table & Chairs

In my ongoing quest to doll up the girls' room (on a zero-dollar budget) I bring you Project:  Table and Chairs. 

First, can I say, someday I would like the luxury of just buying something new instead of working my ass off to doll up some old piece of crap.  Sorry, but true.

Second, this ugly old table and chairs might be worth the work... my grandma, in the throes of alzheimer's, picked these up at an auction to give me for "when I had kids" someday.  My grandpa kept them in his basement.

Here we are.... with our safety gear.  Masks and giant white t-shirts.  Yes, I let a 5-year-old run an orbital sander... how else will she learn?  Notice the classy spray paint can... there will be a quiz later.

Bugsy was not so interested in wearing the mask or the giant white t-shirt so we called her the supervisor.

Wow, people, that's some seriously bright turquoise you selected.  Wait.  Remember when I said there would be a quiz?  This color turquoise and the amethyst purple seen in the background.... where else have you seen them???

Keep thinking....

That's right!!!!  My sister's boots.....

Yup.... and there is that lovely purple......

Oh, what?  You've never spray painted a pair of cowboy boots?  I did tone down the turquoise a little.... mostly because the chairs are really beat up and I'm hoping a solid coat of semi-gloss will cover it up a bit better.......

Next steps are to finish painting the white parts.  It took a long time to get this far with little people with sponge brushes doing the painting......  Then we will see how it looks.

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Christal said...

When I saw your table & chairs project I thought about another blog I'd read and went looking. Tundra Gypsy (Mori) grew up in Nome Alaska and is about my daughter's age. I was an acquaintance of her mother (who was a very good friend to a very good friend of mine). And no I didn't know you could paint cowboy (girl) boots! How well does it hold up and how often can you do it to the same pair?