Friday, September 30, 2011

I still dream of kitchens

Oh picture of a kitchen.  How I love thee.  I've reinvented my kitchen theory.

My original theory was to have a remodeled and bigger kitchen.... same basic layout but with an island instead of a penninsula.  That evolved into an extended kitchen with a penninsula on the end and a rolling cart island.  That's still my ideal.

But now that I've given up on ever adding on (yes, people will be using the peonies as a second bathroom for eternity) I've decided to focus on the remodel concept.

I still have this post as my primary inspiration.

I want (today anyway):

wide plank farmhouse flooring
white cabinets
dark counter tops (but if I had an island or rolling cart I'd want butcher block on it)
stove with gas top/electric oven/microwave above
remove the upper cabinets over the penninsula
lazy susan in both corners (one is currently a 9 inch wide opening that goes all the way back... at a right angle... to the wall.... not cool)

The current "look" is docuemented below... this was actually a photo I took showing the insanity several hours before a party.....  Those upper cabinets must go.  And all that lovely golden oak.... let's paint it white.  Once the uppers are gone... does the corner cabinet and appliance garage stay?  Or get replaced by a slightly awkward-to-reach regular cabinet?  Hmmmm.

So, left side... doorway to laundry room, fridge, 24" of counter with drawers under it, stove w/micro above, lazy susan in corner.  Front and right bottom views stay the same (although the little 9" cabinet on the left will be a lazy susan and not the horror it is now.... I can tell this is an old photo because the microwave in the wall hasn't died yet and the old black dishwasher is there.

This was the kitchen the day we first looked at the house....  I'm sad to see how much HASN'T changed....


Christal said...

If you're sure, why don't you start with sand the cabinets down and painting them. It will brighten the place up. You have been saying white for a long time now. Just do it. You can go glossy/matte/or just a light pickling/stain.

Then after you've lived with that a while, pull down the upper cabinets over the peninsula. It looks like you can leave the post up at the end of it all. OR have you thought about pulling the uppers down and cutting the size down? Half size gives you a bigger opening but you still have some storage AND you don't have to re-do the ceiling? If you don't have a dust problem like we do, you could even leave it open above with no doors.

Homestead said...

It's finding the TIME & ENERGY to paint cabinets that is killing me. I've been trying to paint the damn ceiling for TWO YEARS now.

I've done cabinet painting before. It took two of us a day and a half to prep/sand/prime/paint a tiny kitchen. Then the next weekend we put doors back on and whatnot.

And, also, of course... the buy in from the other half is NOT THERE.

So I just dream.

Christal said...

I understand... our masonry heater with the pizza oven is still a work in progress (core built but no chimney pipe in or veneer rock on -- and you can't use it without it). The master bath is only 1/2 done too (no shower or tub finished).

The joy for the month is that the cabinet doors and knobs are on in the master bath AND we hung up the dresser mirror in the master bedroom. There are still so many things to finish at our house ... it could take years. Hubby's now losing "parts and pieces" that were expensive to buy like the faucet for the bar sink in the kitchen. I'm going to hunt for it as soon as I get unburied from the 25 boxes of paperwork he unearthed from the shed for "us" to "go through" ... still no filing cabinets in the house to put them in (and most of it is his from past work lives...) Ahhhh what a life! I'm just happy with ANY progress.