Thursday, September 29, 2011

I think I missed September somehow......

I forgot to post any goals or progress for September.  Oops.
1.  Post every day in September.  (So far, so good.)
2.  Go on a fall family vacation.  I think we should do this every month.  (Done.  Fairmont.  Fun.)
3.  Buy new bras and new boots.  (Half-assedly done.  I got a couple bras at Target.  I bought three at Macy's and HATED them so I took them back.  I'm shopping for cute fall boots but haven't really focused on them yet.)
4.  Hang pictures in both kid rooms.  (Almost done.....)
5.  Reorganize the kitchen.  (About 50% done... need to do the two upper corner cabinets this weekend.)
6.  Find a place to store the sewing machine.  (Ideas?)
7.  Plan a minor exercise routine.  (Done.  October's goal will be to implement.)
8.  Do some fun things with Tuff.  (Ears pierced, coffee shop stops, planning a "girl party" and plans for a lunch date.)
9.  Wash outside windows.  (Fail.)
10.  Paint porch posts.  (3 done... thousands to go.)

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