Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doris Domestic Fails Again

So.... while I'm documenting epic cooking failures......  I've been trying a lot of new things lately.....

I whipped up a bunch of eggs in muffin tins, then put on toasted english muffins (is it odd I love whole-wheat english muffins and loathe the regular kind??) to eat like a delicious low-sodium version of a McD's sandwich.  They were great.  I had mine with spinach and parm.  Hot had cheddar and bacon.  I read that they freeze well if you reheat in the over (soggy in the microwave) so I tried it.  25 minutes later I had..... bricks.  Build-a-kiln bricks.


So back to the old way.... putting a egg, some spinach and parm in a pyrex bowl and nuking it and slapping it on an english muffin.

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