Thursday, September 15, 2005

What to Expect When You Ask Your Friends for Advice

In response to Susan's post about That One Pregnancy Book I provide you with links to all of MY stellar pregnancy & parenting advice. I'm actually planning a beautiful, touching, inspired post that will be an open letter to a friend who is having her first baby.... but I'm not there yet.


Today is my birthday.... more about that later....

My Husband Says...

Boobcycle Review I

Boobcycle Review II

Baby Socks

Car Seats

Puny Gallbladders

The Story of Babies


Susan said...

Hooray! Happy birthday, Homestead!

I hope you will be making mojitos . . .

Candace said...

Happy birthday!

Now, where's part 2 of The Story of Babies?

Susan said...

I'm back, I read it all, and I KNEW I was right about the bagel!

Damn those WTEWYE women. And their flax seed. Have a soda, everyone!

McSwain said...

And a VERY happy birthday to you.

Homestead said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Part 2 of the Story of Babies is coming... I just have to get out of this "post a tidbit" style I've fallen into and back into posting things that actually require thoughtful writing.

The short version? I had the easiest labor in the history of the world and now you will all hate me.

LadyBug said...

OH MY GOSH! I missed your birthday!

I was away from the computer all day yesterday, so I missed this one. I'm so sorry.


mrtl said...

OH! Missed it! Happy Birthday +1!!