Sunday, September 18, 2005


I’m getting myself psyched up to sort fall toddler clothes and load the Dyson (It is THAT good, people) into the car so I can drag it & Sweet Boy to town to vacuum the rental-soon-to-be-for-sale house…. So I’m surfing a bit and via Misfit’s site I discover.


Why didn’t anyone tell me?

She named him PMS Federline. The 10-year-old boy in me is giggling already.

This baby naming business is serious. We are planning (I love it when people say the word “plan” in the same breath with anything involving children…. Especial pregnancy…. It’s like the ultimate oxymoron.) to have another kid and, while we are fairly sure we know what we will name it, I like to toss out baby names once in a while just to see Hot Stuff give me The Look.

Oh, and just so you know… Wartner has been rejected.


mrtl said...

Mister mrtl likes the European names (he listens to a lot of music that's popular there).

Sven... Johann... Ugh!

Susan said...

Go to Go Fug Yourself and read their funny funny Britney thing.

And for the love of god DO NOT name the baby Britney.

Homestead said...

We are a little doomed on the name thing..... Every name we like has some bad-kid association from Hot Stuff's teaching days.

What is it with AF guys and European music? My mom's family has such classics as: Ragnfried, Engman, Weisman, Dagmar.... can you guess that she's Scandinavian?

I used to teach martial arts and had a little girl in class named "Brittne." Yes, that is how it was spelled. We had all the student's names written on their collars and I pitied that poor kid every time I looked at it....

LadyBug said...

Have I ever told you Deputy Dad's pick for Miss Attitude's name, if she'd been a boy?

It was - I shit you not: Dagwood.

Even worse was his pick for Big Boy's name: Attican Maximus. (Pause here for laughter.) I'm not kidding. I said, "Baby, you can NOT give a kid a name like that, and then send him out on the playground." Seriously, that shit ain't right.

Homestead said...

LadyBug- Do you know the things the 10-year-old boy in me could do with Attican Maximus?? Toilet-jokes-R-Us.

SierraBella said...

I knew a brother and sister named:
Shannon Olivia B____ and
Scott Orville B____!

What kind of sick sense of humor is that?