Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh, let’s just talk about margaritas….

I seem to have put myself on mrtl’s “list” by posting comments about donuts. She called me a bitch (but in that nice way)… and, yet, I post comments recommending she wear head-to-toe paisley on her pregnant self and I get…. Nothing. Obviously, it is she, and not I, that has mixed priorities here.

And she sent me a lovely book of margaritas as a prize for paisley. And I thank her for that. And so I invite her and all of you to my house for drinks. We will use the fancy margarita glasses and the little stem markers my sister got me from Margaritaville.

You are Invited.

What: A party for the socially-awkward, misfits, rejects, and anyone who has, in general, ever felt uncomfortable in their skin. Or, having figured out how to be comfortable in their own skin, has felt the need to project some other image in order to somehow “fit in” in a particular situation. Oh, and for all of those who reject all those labels too.

Where: My house. We will be partying on the veranda…..and the front porch, driveway and horse-shoe pit…. All the way down to the creek.

When: All day, every day…. But if you stay more than 3 days you have to help me clean the barn.

What to bring: Dip. Lots and lots of dip. Pets, children & spouses are welcome.

What to leave home: Grouchy spouses and your uncomfortable shoes.

Possible topics for discussion:
That new penguin movie.
English novels.
Smackdown: Barney vs. Clifford.
Truly great undergarments.
Real Childcare.
The properties of the perfect coffee cup.
Cute plant markers (and why can’t I think of any ideas to make some).
Why my bathroom is purple.


M&Co. said...

Oh I want to see the new penguine movie!

Susan said...

Hooray! I'll bring the Booze Pool.

Why is Montana so damn far from Oklahoma?

mrtl said...

1. My husband is totally behind me getting away for a few days. However:
2. Pregnant = no margaritas for me.
3. I really don't like paisley. (When/where did you recommend that I wear it head to toe, because I remember you recommending that I avoid those particular pants?)
4. Susan?? There are two reasons you can't be serious: 1. OK is closer than AK. 2. You have ieatcrayonz. Jealous!

McSwain said...

I'll bring the chips and salsa to go with the margaritas and sangria from the booze pool!

LadyBug said...

I'm totally there.

And don't you mean, "All the way down to the crick"? Or is that just a Texas thang?