Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Other things I have done that make ya’ll shake your heads….

….besides just finding out Britney Spears is having babies. (And I still hope she names one of them Wartner.)

I’ll keep the list short(er) by limiting it to this week…

1. Got lost looking for m&co. She’s here. (But got offers of martinis…so that’s good, right?)
2. Challenged LadyBug to use frozen peas in foreplay. (What? What?)
3. Seriously considered making a mitten out of the mouse Mrow-Mrow left on the porch. (It was that big people.)
4. Wore paisley. Ok, I didn’t really.
5. Attached a bear bell to my son so he can’t sneak away from me in the yard.
6. Drank wine from a bottle with a screw top. (Wishing Tree)
7. Left a dirty diaper in my sister’s sweatshirt pocket.
8. Used a labeler to make a naughty message and put it under Hot Stuff’s pillow.


mrtl said...

saw a girl in the ER with some horrendous paisley stretch pants on. made me flash back to 1990.

Susan said...

3. Eww! EEEWWWW!

5. Good for you.


7. More details, please.

8. Were peas involved?

LadyBug said...

Ohmigosh, I knew I loved you. You totally rock.

M&Co. said...

Yeah, I'm glad you found me again!

"Mrow-Mrow." Now how is that pronounced?

A "bear bell?"

After 8 were there peas involved?

McSwain said...

Forget about M&Co. Where are the Martinis??

McSwain said...

BTW, No offense, M&Co. I read you myself this morning.

M&Co. said...

No offense taken, Cheryl, especially when liquor is involved.