Saturday, March 12, 2005

While I was Driving.....

On my way to work Wednesday I saw something interesting…. Three very large, very camouflage vehicles with big guns on top. Perched on said vehicles were many small men wearing tan helmets. I gotta tell ya… it made me do a double-take.
Not to be outdone- Thursday’s driving-to-work viewing included a very large and, again, very camouflage vehicle with the most giganticous tires I have ever seen. But this one was a dark camouflage as opposed to the “desert” tan of the previous day and it was lacking the large guns. These are the observations my ration mind was able to make as the tiny voice in my head noted that these events should probably indicate something to me….. like WHAT THE H#LL IS GOING ON HERE? What’s up with the military vehicles out cruising every morning? Anyone?

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