Friday, March 18, 2005

Boys will be boys??

My son is such a boy. Now, before you slam me for gender stereotyping I want you to know I am a hip & happening mama. I have a subscription to “Brain, Child” and my baby wears Robeez shoes. I often haul him around in a sling and sometimes I even make his baby food. There are a lot of very thick child care books piled on the back of our toilet. We try to do the right things.

The kid is only 9 months old and he already knows how to throw a ball, bang things together and drive an unopened package of wipes around like a little toy car complete with “ppptttthhhhh” car noises (I know, call Mensa). My mother-in-law says my husband drove cigarette packs around like cars and made guns out of his crackers so maybe there is a genetic connection. He has (just like his father) his sensitive moments… when we tuck teddy into bed or when he plays with my hair when he is getting sleepy (hey, wait a minute, both of them do that)…. But there is this wild man side to the baby…. When he crawls up on the shelf under the end table and grabs the legs and starts shaking it madly or when he tries to head butt the dog or tackle the cat. He reminds me of a tiny me... but with less tequila.

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LadyBug said...

My, my,'ve just gone on a posting frenzy, haven't you?

I was thinking your little one looked about the same age as my Baby Boy (he just turned 9 months).

I've enjoyed reading all your entries. You must've been storing them up for a rainy day or something!