Friday, March 18, 2005

Convenience store snacks or creative play things?

I just got an email from a friend describing her daughter pooping while she was changing her and she (I quote) said, “This is going to sound gross but you know those nacho cheese machines they have in convenience stores and at concession stands? Well the amount and shape of what was coming out of Kate made me think of nacho cheese coming out of those machines except it was more like the color of mustard. There's a nice image for you to think about over lunch :)”

The first time the boy did that to me (age 3.5 weeks in the back seat of the car at the mall after his auntie kept walking really fast to get away from that "smell" that turned out to be attached to her via the sling) all I could think of was one of those red & yellow playdough machines…. Where you press the lever and shapes spew out... I was waiting for the form to be a star or something... a shooting star. A squirting star?

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