Friday, March 18, 2005

I know it is spring.

It isn’t that the crocus & tulips are transforming my front steps into a salad bar for wayward deer. (They will eat anything… including the seed in the bird feeder & the houseplant I was trying to de-bug on the porch.)

It isn’t that it was 69 degrees here on Friday and Saturday morning I woke up to 12 inches of snow & 26 degrees. That could happen here in July. (Did ya like how I got “69” and “12 inches” in the same sentence?)

No. I know it is spring because this morning I saw my first motorcycle cop of the season. Yup. Doing his little speed trap thing hiding behind a billboard for the local community gardens at the bottom of the hill.
I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop once. I was on my way home from the library. Yes, the LIBRARY. He tailed me for a few blocks and then pulled me over to tell me my tag was partially off my license plate…..but it was ok, he wasn’t going to give me a ticket because he had called in my plate number and it came back current. Thanks officer. He then got a very odd glazed look in his eyes & tilted his head a bit. All my medical training (ok, I was a first responder once… shut up) kicked in and I was pretty sure I was about to see a short man have a seizure in oncoming traffic. I figured he would be ok…. He WAS wearing a helmet. But then I realized it was just the little voices in his head, um, I mean his head-SET, talking to him. He proceeded to take me on a tour of my pickup…. Walking me around to point out that the tag was, indeed, peeling up. Thanks again officer. I got back in the pickup and reached to fasten my seatbelt. The good officer asked if I had NOT been wearing my seatbelt?? (I swear, the little dickwad’s eyes lit up.) I kindly reminded him of the little WALK we had just taken to view my license plate?!?! If that little prick pulls me over again I might get a ticket but he’s coming out of the deal with a broken leg.

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