Tuesday, March 29, 2005

True Confessions –Husband-style

1. My hunny & I were set up on a blind date by our friends. They tricked us.
2. I kissed him first. Three fast little kisses.
3. After our first “date” he ran away as fast as he could. He literally jumped out of my pickup getting away from me.
4. He is most comfortable in the woods.
5. On our second date we went to dinner and the restaurant forgot to put chicken on my salad… this began a series of misadventures involving restaurants, me & chicken… until I decided I don’t really like chicken all that much and quit ordering it.
6. On our third date, I made him lasagna. He told me what we would name our son and what his nickname would be. He still loves my lasagna and that is, indeed, what we named our son.
7. We make lasagna every Valentine’s Day… except last year when we went “out” and then swore we would never do that again…. The service was slow and the food was average… but it was still fun to spend time together.
8. He hates monkeys.
9. On our fourth date I met his parents.
10. I said “I love you” first.
11. His friends said we would get married long before we were even, um, intimate.
12. His friends were right.
13. He is really good at grammar and writing.
14. He sends me flowers at work.
15. His favorite author is Ivan Doig.
16. For our first anniversary he surprised me with dinner and a night in the honeymoon suite at a local hotel. He brought our wedding cake and champagne and my honeymoon nightie. He even remembered clothes and a ponytail holder for me for the next day.
17. Whenever we went to the farm (before we were married) my mom made him sleep in the basement on the dog’s couch next to the gun cabinet with all the scary guns in it.
18. He looks forward to my sister bringing home a boyfriend to sleep in the basement.
19. He is the first guy I ever took home to meet my parents.
20. He is the classic definition of “still water runs deep.”
21. He is ridiculously smart.
22. On our second anniversary I went in labor at 1:30 in the morning…. We had to cancel our dinner reservations. Our son was born at 6:58 am on our anniversary.
23. He is an amazing lover.
24. He has no idea that he is an amazing lover… even though I tell him all the time.
25. He gave up chewing on his 30th birthday and it was the hardest thing he has ever done.
26. He cuts his own hair.
27. I have stuck with him through gi-scans, cataract surgery, shin splints, a separated shoulder and physical therapy.
28. He put up with me through labor… we are both thankful it was quick.
29. He loves to fly fish.
30. His ideal day would include hiking to a secluded spot with me & his son, finding a giant elk antler, fly-fishing for fat trout, eating a picnic lunch, drinking a beer, reading a book under a shady tree and not seeing another person all day.
31. His favorite color is green.
32. He loves baseball caps…. But only if they are shaped correctly.
33. He is sexy in fire pants.
34. He leaves me love notes.
35. I would marry him all over again.


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LadyBug said...

That was so sweet.

But the part that really got me? Was that he remembered to pack your PONYTAIL HOLDER. Now THAT is an amazing man.

M&Co. said...

That was very sweet.