Monday, May 30, 2011

Why am I surprised???

Seriously... this happens every year.... why am I surprised??

The good news is Saturday was pretty nice.  I got rid of a bit of grass (so much left to go) and we patched some of the rail fence and put in a new post (ahem.... unfortunate snowplow accident).  I went to the Farmer's Market with my mother-in-law and my daughters but it was cold so we went to the Bagel Co for coffee and snacks.  Then got some paint (not for me) and hit Valley Farms.  I love Valley Farms.  Hot changed out the tractor seat (he looked funny riding around on a milk crate) and mowed.  We had a little picnic and spent a bit of time cleaning in the garage (the never-ending project).

Sunday was cold and rainy.  Hot cleaned carpets (!) and I cleaned the kids' room.  We got our house almost completely kicked into order.  What an accomplishment.  Then we went to a bbq at friends. 

This morning was snow.  We did some cleaning and I made cinnamon bubble buns.  Say that three times quickly.  Then I went to town for gifts for Sweet and stain for the deck and odds and ends.  I got propane and new ceramic bricks and we grilled steaks and had my mil down for dinner (my fil was out of town).  We did steaks.... delicious and tender..... I think Hot marinated them in balsamic vinegar and beer.  I made a Caesar salad.  Mil brought her famous potato salad and homemade biscotti.  I made chocolate chip cookies and red beers.  We had tea and biscotti.  It was delightful.

Now I'm just assessing the level of cleanliness in the house and making sure things are still up to par.  The house smells so good.  Every once in a while Hot looks around with a satisfied grin and sighs. 

Life is good.


Elle said...

Oh my God . . . the view . . . . just looking at a picture made me take a deep breath. I bet I could breathe better if I came to you . . . .

Also, your peonies look amazing, even under a thin blanket of snow. Mine look like shit.

SarahP said...

The ONE thing I don't miss about the western part of the state (okay, west-central) is the weird snow. Although we're flooding, so I don't know what is worse! Ahh Montana, where the seasons are schizo!