Friday, May 06, 2011

I found Elle's dream home.

Ok... it would be her home but my dream.

The house across the way from us is for sale.

They dropped the price by $75k.

If you look closely you can actually see our house in this picture of it.

Come on Elle.... buy it.  The kids can go down the driveway, across our creek (the bridge is already there) and up the hill to my house.  We could even build them a bike trail/ cross country ski trail for it.  Do you see our awesome sledding hill?

The house is big enough for you.  I know all the neighbors.  And behind you is a giant mountain.  The school district is excellent and it is only about 10 minutes to a coffee shop.  We can take the kids swimming at the natural hot springs (and health club) that is only about 5 minutes away. 

This house is on a side road so you aren't even on the main road (like we are).... NO TRAFFIC AT ALL.

Yes, we will have to do some serious remodeling but I know some really good guys (also neighbors) who do custom work.  We can design a beautiful rustic-modern home.

No sales tax.

Excellent skiing (downhill and cross country).

You can have goats and chickens.  And ride the guy next door's horses.

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Elle said...

MOTH said he'd buy a lotto ticket. If we win, we'll take it.