Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Meals this week

Elle has this week's menu up.

So I thought I'd share ours.

Monday:  delicious juicy sliders (mini burgers on the George & homemade buns)
Tuesday:  emergency food (chicken nuggets and torillas with cheese)
Wednesday:  Daddy night.  Probably mac-n-cheese or tacos
Thursday:  Daddy is gone.  Mummy Calzones maybe....
Friday:  Daddy is gone.  Kirkland cheese pizza, egg rolls and panda moons from the freezer

Weekend delight:  Daddy is still gone so we will eat things he doesn't like all weekend.

Next week:
Monday: tacos
Tuesday: chicken tender salad
Wednesday: noodles with white sauce
Thursday: paninis
Friday: canned soup and cheese sandwiches and popcorn

We are in that season of life where simple trumps everything.  Hot and I are trying to eat lighter which means, often, caving to what the kids will eat and just having a salad.  It isn't perfect but it works for now.

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