Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming the Dream

A little kitchen inspiration.  Lovely floors.  Great windows.  Nice classic subway tile.  Sorry.... failure to site source...

There's something I like about this vestibule.  We are considering a 24'x24' addition (towards the creek, where the door is now, out the dining room).  It would include a possible new dining room, master bedroom, mud room, bathroom.  Or, possibly, turning the existing living room into the dining room and adding a living room....  so I need a nice way to, basically, have a bedroom off the living room.  With privacy.  And a front door.  So this is a start.

View one of a possible island for the kitchen.

View two of the island.

Think of this.... with the kitchen where it is now..... can it fit in a 24x24 space?  Feeling inspired.

I have no idea why I clipped this one.... anybody?
 This is, essentially, my kitchen layout plan for the remodel.....  The fridge is on the wall a base cabinet away fromt the stove but for the rest this is roughly what I am thinking.... for the stove, sink, dish washer..... then with an island instead of a peninsula.  Wish I had a good shot of it now.  The biggest problem to me right now is I have a bar like this but longer but it has cabinets over the top AND super-low ceilings... claustrophobic.  If we could find space to store the stuff in the cabinets I would nuke the cupboards in a heart beat.

Some standards.....

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Elle said...

Holy Cow. I'm in LOVE w/ that first picture . . . it already fits in your existing space -- well, almost. I love dreaming this dream.