Monday, May 09, 2011

The Technology Challenge

In case you hadn't noticed.... I can be a bit, ah, scattered.  I wouldn't call it a disorder.  I just really like to start things.  Finish them?  Not so much.

So I  made a list.  Of things.  Things that need doing.  It turned into an outline.  Remember doing outlines?  And how dumb they seemed?  I take it back.

The Technology Challenge
I.  Music
    A.  Remove all duplicates from iTunes
    B.  Have all music backed up on hard drive
    C.  Transfer good playlists from iPod to iTunes
    D.  Delete crummy playlists
          1.  iTunes
          2.  iPod
    E.  Create new and clever playlists
    F.  Make sure all random car cd's are copied to iTunes (and backed up)
II.  Photos
    A.  Have all negatives transferred to digital
          1.  Collect all negatives in one place.
          2.  Sort negatives by year and put in baggies.
    B.  Sort and purge photo albums (existing)
          1.  Collect all albums in one place
          2.  Toss crummy photos
          3.  Make sure photos were captured in negative scanning (above)
               a.  If not, scan.
          4.  Label, label, label
    C.  Create cataloging system with solid naming conventions for digital photos
    D.  Upload photos to Costco and Snapfish
    E.  Create digital albums for each year
III.  Video
    A.  Transfer all home video to digital format
          1.  Backup plan
          2.  Save native format with negatives (above)
    B.  Get rid of any VHS movies etc
          1.  Make list of VHS to buy in DVD (ignore blue ray)
IV.  Scanning
    A.  Sort all paperwork
    B.  Scan documents
          1.  shred as needed
          2.  find permanent and portable home fpr important stuff
    C.  Get rid of deposit box at bank
    D.  Have solid digital and paper filing systems
V.  Create digital baby books


M&Co. said...

I'm just curious. Why get rid of all the VHS. We've got a huge collection, that I don't think I'd replace with DVD or BluRay, but we still might watch.

Homestead said...

Space mostly. The VHS collection is all in boxes in the garage... only a few kid movies and some hunting movies have made it in the house.

I doubt I will actually get rid of anything since they are all Hot's but he is constantly talking about how he would watch such-and-such if it wasn't in the garage or if he could find it. And since they are all so old most can be replaced with dvd for $5 or so.

A lot of them are from Hot's teaching days so they will stay around just in case he starts that career again... although the high school uses all dvd.

We will keep the vhs player because Sweet brings home vhs movies from the library.