Monday, May 09, 2011

Give me a GOLD STAR

I cleaned my car.  I deserve a giant freakin' gold star.  A sparkly one.

That's another thing I did this weekend.

Me and my trusty little blue shop vac. 

There were surprisingly few french fries.  That just means the dog is doing his job. 

There were a lot of pistaccio nuts.  LOTS.  Apparently there was a spill.....  Interestingly they had all been cleaned up off the floor (and probably eaten) but the crannies where seats latch in were packed full like a small squirrel was storing up.  I considered picking them out and feeding them to the chilren.  Those damn things are pricy.  ($15 for 3lbs)  But I didn't. 

Also there were some congealed things in the far back cupholders that I don't want to think about.  Ever. 

I even washed the fabric floor mats.  Then I put in the new floor mat (for the driver) I got for Mother's Day.  Yes, I asked for it.  Yes, I love it.  What can I say?  I like things the way I like them. 

And tossed about 100 dead pens.  Why do dead pens collect in my car?

Washed the spidey "Fwow-up" towel.  (Folded it, put it under the seat, and then used it this morning to wipe mud off Bugsy's raincoat.... please don't ask.... she was on a worm rescue team.... very covert operation.... I could tell you but.....)

Washed the insides of the windows.  Ew. 

Stickers on car windows.  My pet peeve.  Especially those stupid "I buckled up" ones from Target.  You know what I'm talking about.  I very specifically DON'T buckle my kids just to avoid the stickers.  Ok, that isn't true.  But I've considered it.  The only thing worse than a sticker on the window.... PART of a sticker on the window.  Those are all cleaned off now.  Yeah.  These are the things that thrill me.

I had to reassess all the crap I haul around in my trunk.  I took out the snow boots.... risky in May in Montana.  But I like to live dangerously.  I have:  3 fabric shopping bags, a big first aid kit, a picnic blanket (from 31, via Elle, love it), an umbrella stroller (one of those super-cheap ones from Target... on sale for $10.... I finally replaced the last super-cheap one from 6 years ago), a dog blanket, a rain poncho, several sweatshirts in various kid sizes. 

Tidied the various storage spots...... coffee cards, gum, an actual working pen, lip gloss..... the usual stuff.

Put the tag on the plate (oops.... expired.....)
It isn't perfectly detailed or anything but it looks much better.

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