Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the state of the world tonight

I got nothing.

I'm tired.  It's 9:00.  There is nothing on tv.  I had a lovely dinner of veggie sandwich on flat bread and pasta salad.  (Leftover perk of someone else's conference today.)  I'm waiting for Hot to get done teaching a Standards class and come home.  I saved him half the salad and a steak sandwich flat bread.  I'm excited for Hot to get home and it pleases me that I want to see him.  The kids are tucked in bed and I only hear minimal whomping and bumping.  Sweet is doing well at school and we are planning his next fantastic birthday.  Tuff is preparing for school next year.... I'm still not sure she's ready but she's registered just in case.  Bugsy has more words every day and has all the creativity and tantrum potential of an almost-two-year-old. 

I'm recovering from a scratched cornea.  (Courtesy of a wild fingernail from Bugsy in the middle of the night.)  I opted not to have hardware installed at my last gyno appointment.  I'm pleased with myself for getting a missing birth certificate signature for the SECOND time.... (seriously, who makes it out of the hospital missing signatures on two of three birth certificates??).  I'm working my way through my  unending to-do list.  One item at a time.  I'm still casually planning a kitchen remodel.  I really want to add on but it just doesn't seem to be in our future.  I'm thinking of calculating the actual square footage of our house but I'm afraid that would be depressing.  I'm trying to practice mindful eating.  Hell.... I'm trying to practice mindful living. 

I like looking at pinterest.  I'm slowly pulling the grass from my flowerbeds.  I'm suffering with not knowing what is happening with my trip planned for June.  I'm reading a great gardening book and seeking inspiration.  I'm finally figuring out how I want to file and store things and now I have a huge stack of stuff to scan.  I'm preparing for a big meeting at work and significant work changes in the next year.... but most all good things.  I can physically hear the creek flowing from my front porch... the water is high.  I love the rain even when it makes my joints ache.  I feel like the house is organized and as good as it can get but the garage and shed need work.  I'm dwelling on new projects like a garden plot (a deer-proof space).  I worry about my old dog. 

I feel so oddly balanced right now.


Elle said...

I miss you.

Elle said...

I just looked and looked again and that top one gets better and better. I especially love the floors. We stayed in a house in Breck w/ floors like that -- they were positively dreamy and make the place feel warm and safe and sturdy . . . . and such a breeze to clean up . . . .