Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Game On. Mission Organization

More closet work.

This week(end) we are tackling the "front closet" at our house. 

It is going to SUCK.... so join me.

To the shed go the snowpants (9 pairs in there at last count).  Wash the winter coats.  Shuffle the summer coats down from upstairs.  Tidy the mitten tubs.  Try to talk Hot into thinning out the hat collection.  Triage the water bottle collection.  Label the sunscreen (SPRING 2011).  Deal with snow boots/ mud boots/ cowboy boots/ tennis shoes/ crocs/ sandals/ work shoes/ hiking boots.

I'm really NOT looking forward to this project..... YOU try jamming 5 people worth of living into a 4 foot wide closet. 

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Elle said...

This is a HARD one!! Damn you . . .