Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I need advice about.....

1.  Having photos and/or negatives scanned.  I have a box of negatives.  Who will do a good job and how much should I expect to pay?  Costco was my first choice but I don't see anything about scanning negatives on their website.... just slides.  Am I missing something?

2.  Vitamix blender.  Anyone?  Opinions?  The old blender (from my sophomore year of college) is starting to die on me.  I've heard vitamix is the way to go but I need someone to justify the price for me.  Oh shit.  I just priced them.  Wow.  Any other recommendations?

3.  George Grill.  I love my george BUT it is the old-school style.  I want the one with removable plates so it is easier to clean.  The old one was a wedding present and is starting to show some wear.  Any opinions on it?  And which one? 

4.  My salad shooter is starting to break.  Don't laugh.  I adore that stupid little thing.  I can shred an entire block of cheddar in no time flat.  We eat tacos weekly so that's an important trick.  I know you can buy it already shredded in the bag but it tastes funny to me.  Ok... now you are watching the video for the salad shooter and wishing you had one, aren't you?  It's ok... I'm a trend setter like that. 

5.  Swimwear.  Currently I'm leaning towards something from Land's End.  The giant baby blue faille suit is so stretched out as to be obscene.  I have a fairly hideous green-print suit from Land's End that at least sort of fits but is really, really ugly on me and it should go away.  And a black Anne Cole one piece that is serviceable but not attractive.  So I'm shopping.  In ten pounds I will be buying.  My arms and legs aren't hideous but my belly goes on for miles.  I'm leaning towards this suggestion from Elle.  Although I can't decide which bottoms would work best.  I would like to try some boy-short ones but they don't really have any.  I was thinking these industrial ones might work best for all-over slimming and muffin top control.  Although I'd be horrified for the neighbors to see them drying on the clothes line.  They also have these with tummy control and these beach living ones with tummy control.  I can't tell what the real differences are.

6.  Leggings.  I need to get on this leggings trend before it fades completely away.  I need leggings and tops.... and the appropriate footwear.

7.  Summer shoes for work.  I need cute, comfortable shoes with decent arch support.  I currently have these Keen sandals and I love them.  If they had my size I would probably just get them again.  I'm eyeballing these Dansko sandals.  I also think these ballet flats are fun.  If you shop Sierra, remember to sign up for their emails....  the discounts are way better than the regular discounts on the site.  The cheapest I've seen the $75 Dansko sandals is $50.  So what shoes?  I'm open to suggestions.

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