Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Stylish

Wednesday I had to pull out the stops and be cute for work. 


I opted for my very professional Tribal black sheath dress and jacket.  I love that jacket so much it is the only dry-clean only piece of clothing that survived the great closet clean out of 2008.

I also went with the classic heeled penny-loafer style mules and true stockings.  I couldn't find anything thigh high (in the depths of my closet in the dark) so I went with regular hose.  Ugh.  Which required a Spanx garment to prevent bulges at the waistband.  This was getting complicated.  It was so much easier to dress when I was skinny. 

Full makeup, hair up in a clippy (seriously... the effort to style it would have put me over the edge) and cute black briefcase bag.  Simple silver hoops, plain silver cuff bracelet and long 3-strand silver chain. 

I don't know how professionals do it dressed like that all day.  I was ok at my desk but very uncomfortable sitting in meetings with my above-the-knee dress creeping up.  Then I snagged my hose on my cute black briefcase bag.  And I almost launched down a set of marble steps in my cute heels.  Then a woman came around the corner off kilter (behind me as I was sitting) and whacked me in the head... knocking out my cute black clippy.  Then I had to pee.  In Spanx. 

I got myself home and peeled out of my clothes and into my jammies in record time.  My feet were cramping that night... I'm not kidding.

I was thinking it was time to take my style level up a notch but now I'm not so sure.  I was thinking leggings and boots (or capri leggings and ballet flats) with tunics/dresses.  And the perfect knit-but-dressy black pants.  But now I'm not so sure.

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Elle said...

Leggings and boots are oh, so comfy . . . or jeggings . . . which is a horrible word to say, but they are perfectly lovely & you can even eat lunch!! You should try it . . .