Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Do love a good schedule.

I just realized our week day evening schedule.

It goes like this.

Monday:  Watch Chuck on tv.  Chase around the house like spies.  Sweet sometimes plays Transformers.  The "spy gear" comes out of the dining room drawer.  Spy gear is.... mini note pads, pedometers, mini flashlights and tape measures, badge clips, flashing lights that clip on things and anything mama may have gotten as a freebie at a conference.

Tuesday:  Watch that obstacle course tv show.  Seriously.  I think I'm in early menopause.  I can't remember the name.  I can't even think of enough about it to google it.  The kids love it.  And then we... you guessed it... act it out.

Wednesday:  Gymnastics.  Daddy makes dinner.

Thursday:  Reading.  We read. 

Friday:  Movie Night.

That's it.  We are simple people.

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