Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Monday Monday

Ugh.  It is that odd changing-of-the-month time again.

The good news?  We survived February, yall!!!  Yes.  I think it is always a good sign to survive February intact.

Also... new month... check the air pressure in your tires.

I don't process any sort of budget stuff until mid-month so that's all good as well.

March goals: 

1.  Buy a safe file storage box. 
2.  Buy a carbon monoxide detector. 
3.  Change out the curtains in the kid bedroom. 
4.  Take spare bedding and aluminum cans to the Humane Society.
5.  Decide paint color for bathroom (currently Martha Stewart "Mushroom" is in the lead.)
6.  Paint window trim in kitchen and door window trim in dining room.

So that's easy, right?  6 things in 4 weeks? 

Yesterday kicked off with me dropping one kid at school, two kids at daycare and heading to the doctor.  Flu test was negative but she suggested mucinex because I'm rattly.  The big complaint is aches and pains in muscles and joints and a deep, hacking cough.  Like.... it hurts to hold the steering wheel. 

I had to go to work for a few hours and I survived.  Left a little after 1 because I was just zoning out.  Made it into my comfy giant purple sweats and a sweatshirt before collapsing on the couch.  Hot promised to pick up Sweet from school at 3.  At 3:30 he called asking me to call the school to tell them he was on the way.  WTF?  Thanks... that's relaxing.... knowing the school is well within their rights to sell my child because my husband is late for pickup.  (Also note:  The sickness of last week prevented pickup of cookie dough fundraiser for delivery.... tried to do that Tuesday am and OUR ORDER ISN'T THERE... shit.... why is nothing easy???)

Hot and the kids decided to hit Pizza Hut so I could rest in peace.  Little did they know when no one is home the cats chase each other around the house... loudly.  I was entertained.  I drank a lot of tea and ate a slice of pizza (mmmmm.... mushroom) and some wheat thins.  We played a couple rousing rounds of Sequence and read a few "VS" books.  Sweet did homework.  We played some itunes clips trying to find some good new music to download.  Bugsy showed us her bad-ass breakdancing moves.  We watched Chuck.  Bugsy got clotheslined by the footrest on the recliner.  Flattened her.  She didn't even cry. 

The kids went to bed and I realized the details of the day don't do themselves.  I emptied lunch boxes and loaded/ran the dishwasher.  Washed some water bottles and coffee cups.  Drank more tea.  Folded a little laundry.  Put out money for Sweet's field trip, thought about stuff to donate for the "pets" theme basket for the silent auction, checked homework. 

Did all those stupid-ass things that have to be done every day and went to BED.

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SierraBella said...

Your busyness makes me ashamed! (Even when you're sick!!!)