Tuesday, March 29, 2011

day 3. a photo that makes you happy

I love these pics.  We are out being active and doing fun things we love.  Bugsy is on the shore playing "sand buckets" with my cousin.  This is totally the image I have in my head when I picture us as a happy & healthy family.


Elle said...

Seeing you on a lake reminds me of the time we put the two of us and all of our kids in a paddle boat and went cruising across the lake filled with monster snot . . do you remember? Someone left their paci on the opposite shore and we had to paddle over to get it . .

Ah, good times. And great pix :)

Homestead said...

It's the same lake.... although there was less monster snot this summer. They still rent paddle boats and the nice bathrooms are finished. Oh... and there is no longer a giant trench that you have to hop over (in swimwear, with several children, a cooler and a giant bag of sand toys) to get to the water.