Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Couch

This is what my couch looked like a few weeks ago.  Notice the sage green Pottery Barn cover is gone.  I've always hated that cover....ever since I got it (and a chair cover) for a screamin' $80 shipped from Ebay.  It never stayed on quite right and it always looked tired, faded and sad.  This is the couch with the original back cushions replaced.  And the bottom cushion slipcovers have been dyed about a thousand times.... they are worn and frayed.

This is what the couch looked like new.  Ten plus years, three kids and a husband in fire boots ago.

Here's how it looks on any given Saturday.... laundry pile, dog & cat.  Oh... and see my cute new ottoman?  It was one of those buy now, talk later purchases.  $40 on Target clearance online.  My husband hates it.  I like putting my feet on it, the kids love it, and the storage is fantastic.  It stays.  Although the tray on top had to go. 

 Target had RE brand slipcovers on sale for $50.  I figured it couldn't be worse than the stupid sage green one.  So I got chocolate. 

Yes, it shows dog hair.  Yes, I DYSON it every weekend.  Yes, I LOVE it.  It stays tucked and looks nice.... well.... as nice as a couch with a dog on it can look.

Here it is all gussied up.

I also sprang for some clearance nesting tables.  Much loathed and much used by the husband.  Fantastic for the laptop.

Mmmmm.  Do you see my latest "art" project in the background?

Do you know what this fantastically modern piece of art is?  And can you tell I busted out the glass while assembling it?


Elle said...

1. they are horn buttons.
2. i love the ottoman
3. i love, love, love that blue floral and blue stripe pillows. where'd you get those?
4. chocolate brown is good.
5. i never pictured your couch anywhere except under the window . . . it looks good there.

Homestead said...

1. Correct.
2. I also love the ottoman.... we haven't had a coffee table since the old college footlocker had to be put away when a certain 11-month-old boy started crawling up and standing on it.
3. They are RE brand from Target.... slipcovers for pillows. I just slapped them on the old pillow forms. They were on clearance for $2.50 each.
4. I wasn't sure about that much dark but it makes the room warmer.
5. It has also been under the stairs. This "look" allowed us to put the Christmas tree on the wall under the stairs and still use the baseboard heaters under the window.... this room is a CHALLENGE to me.