Wednesday, March 30, 2011

day 5. a recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Fifteen Interesting Facts:

1.  yeah....  I really got nothing.  I'm not even sure why I blog I so have nothing to say.  Um, ok..... let's start again....

1.  I don't watch much tv but I really like "Raising Hope" and that means it will be cancelled soon.... why do shows about babies never last??
2.  Lists.  LOVE lists.  All sorts of lists.
3.  I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins.  My son recently saw a guy in a dolphins beanie and said, "Look mom, there's the other guy that likes your team."  I keep a dolphins sticker on the inside of the most-used kitchen cupboard to remind myself to be faithful and dedicated to what I believe in.
4.  Office supplies.  Love office supplies.... especially binder clips.  SO very useful.  I have a binder clip on the toothpaste, chip bags, charger cords, labeled binder clips marking things on my shelves at work.  Attached to my jump drives so I can clip them in my briefcase. 
5.  I will squeeze a nickel until the buffalo poops.  I don't do debt.  I try to be thrifty but sometimes I'm cheap.  I'm trying to teach my kids to live without.  It ain't a fun lesson.
6.  I drive a minivan and I'm ok with it.  By the way... it has AWD and it will go places you can not go.  Also.... it can haul a lot of hay, it has a good sound system and I let the dog in once a week to eat the stray m&m's and pretzels.  Also... I love heated leather seats.  I think they should be a tax write-off as a theraputic device.
7.  I like Dansko clogs, Smith sunglasses, vintage jewelry & cardigan sweaters.
8.  I have had 6 surgeries.  My knee, my back, my ankle 3 times, my eyes (lasik), my sinuses... oh wait...that's 7.  Surgery sucks.
9.  I am allergic to latex.  (all that surgery)  I have no other allergies.  20 years of claratin for a not-real pine allergy..... I coulda bought a lot of good chocolate and red wine with that money.
10.  I sleep on a buckwheat pillow.
11.  I talk to my sister and/or my mother and/or my mother-in-law several times a week.  I also have two sisters-in-law who pretty much rock.  I have Elle & Kaye.  Other than that I don't maintain a lot of women friends in real life.  Friendship is a lot of work.  I'm ok with it.
12.  I am starting to miss parts of my old self.  The active parts.  Fishing, kayaking, skiing, hiking....  I need these things back in my life.
13.  Until 2011 I had dial-up internet access.  I don't have cell service in my house.  I do not text.  I have a Motorola Barage phone.... we call it the playschool phone.  I keep a paper calendar.  I just (today) learned how to make a ringtone.  And, yes, my job is about 50% information technology.  Does that frighten you?
14.  I like to cook.  I hate to meal plan. 
15.  I've always been a reader.  Love the library.  Subscribe to 4 magazines and would get more if the clutter and cost didn't drive me insane.  I'll read the back of the tylenol bottle if that's all that is available.  I like trashy books.  I like history.  I like fiction, non-fiction, self-help, spirituality, budget.... every category. 

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