Monday, March 28, 2011

My favorite Christmas Gift.

I'm going to talk about something hideous and unsavory in our house.... the carpet.  Here's a (slightly dark) shot of the PEACH carpet upstairs.  Oh, how I hate this carpet.  This photo, in all it's awfulness, doesn't even do it justice.  Cheap, faded in spots, peach.  IS there anything worse?  There are lovely hardwoods underneath but do you think my husband will let me rip it up?  No.  So a random mystery stain was discovered.... cue evil background music:

To the rescue.... SPOTBOT

It cleans those spots right up.  I think that particular spot was apple-juice-attracting-dirt or maybe something worse.... I'm not going to lie... it could be something worse.

The only challenge is "feathering" it so there isn't one clean spot in a sea of dirty carpet.  Seriously.  I've cleaned a thousand messes.  

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