Monday, May 01, 2006

A Question of Calcium

How much do you pay at the grocery for a gallon of homogenized milk? (And do you think of Greenie every time you see "homo" on the lid?)

How about a dozen extra large AA eggs?

2 pounds of cheddar cheese?

Half gallon of orange juice?

A quart of half & half?

16 ounces of sour cream?

Cottage cheese?

A pound of butter?

Any other dairy-type things?

And how much would you be willing to pay for weekly delivery of these items?

No, I'm not suddenly working for a polling company..... I'm trying to justify home-delivery.


M&Co. said...

You use that much dairy in a week?

Susan said...

I buy organic milk, which costs an arm and a leg, and I would give them that AND both boobs if they would deliver.

Whoever "they" might be.

Greenthumb said...

Ha! Thanks love.

Don't forget Homo Depot too.

Homestead said...

m&co.- Oh heck no. We go through a little more than a gallon of milk, quite a bit of butter & cottage cheese, lots of cheese, a carton of yogurt, maybe a dozen eggs & some sour cream....

susan- the hormone-free guaranteed milk on this list isn't all that much more expensive and often the regular milk they sell is also the hormone-free stuff. "They" are The Udder Company... aka Lazy Daisy Dairy. Delivery is $1 per month for weekly delivery.

greenie- Indeed, someone in Montana thinks of you every morning while putting milk in the coffee.....

Shana said...

TOTALLY worth it! Only $1/month? And you're supporting (presumably) a local company? Certainly worth paying a little extra for the dairy necessities.