Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've got the blues....

.... well, not really (and now that I've got that old mac-n-cheese commercial stuck in your head....).... People, I need some blue advice.... as in blue paint. For Sweet Boy's room. Darn, I wish I had some pictures of his room so you could see what I'm working with.... Ok, here's my potterybarnkids inspiration.... the light blue, the dark blue, the animals in between..... except, of course, it won't be MONKEYS. No. Hot Stuff hates monkeys. It will be elk or cows or platipi (what IS the plural of platapus?) or dogs or something.

So what is your favorite blue paint? Give me names, numbers, brands..... inspire me.

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Susan said...

I painted Henry's room Laura Ashley Chambray 2 (I think--it wasn't a light color, but it wasn't navy either). I love it; the color is perfect (not baby at all) and the paint went on like a dream. Although I still had to do two coats, because who the hell can paint a room with ONE coat of paint?

And if you can, will you tell me the secret?

OH! And the Martha Stewart paints all have a funny green undertone, which may or may not be okay with you. Charlie's room is MS and it's kind of like being in a fish tank, which he likes. Whatever.