Thursday, May 25, 2006

How could I have missed this??

I was just nibbling on a little deer thuringer for lunch and I noticed the label. (Now, keep in mind, this is a neon pink label that I'VE NEVER NOTICED BEFORE.) It says:


Well, hello. The 12-year-old boy in me salutes the 12-year-old boy in you.....

So then I decided I MUST SHARE my favorite mascot. Meet Sammy. (And if you order now it will be there in time for Father's Day!!!)

*I'd like to add that Tizer Meats does an excellent job processing meat. We have all our elk & deer done there. They are quick & they treat the carcasses well (especially if you bring them in well-cleaned & cared for) and they don't mix the carcasses which is important to me.


Sheryl said...

Found you via Friday Play Date. I clicked on that link, and now I feel violated. I know I just met you, but hold me.

OneCrueGirl said...

My inner 12-year-old boy is laughing his raunchy little ass off. And pantomiming the shaking of the meat. Love it! Oooh, and I love thuringer.

OneCrueGirl said...

I forgot, I want that Sammy's "Collector Cup."