Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holy Shit.... Company is coming.....

So this morning I got an email from Susan saying, essentially, GAME ON PEOPLE. We are gonna take this Princess card thing and RUN with it.... oh, and by the way..... Blogging Baby is on-board too.


I need to clean house. You know that feeling when company is coming and you really want to impress them but you realize you won't get your house painted and new furniture before they arrive in, oh, 15 minutes?? That's how I feel. I need a funny post RIGHT NOW. Something clever. Something poignant (hell, I can't even spell that.... how can I be that?)

So, welcome to my humble home, feel free to poke around and open all the closets and cupboards.... have some iced tea or a margarita... I promise to post something funny about pregnancy, sex or things my son says in the next day or two if you'd like to check back... if not, well, the mailing address for Nadine is:

c/o Miss Rodeo Montana 2006
PO Box 6951
Helena, MT 59604

Oh, and Susan also made a very good point.... Nadine has a little brother, Levi, who needs some loving.... so be thinking of him too.

AND PS: Our daycarista DOES NOT have cancer. Her lump turned out to be benign.... she has to do mammograms every 3 months (just like slamming your tit in the refrigerator door!) but so far she is cancer-free!!!!


Granny said...

You've never heard of me but I read both Blogging Baby and Susan's Friday Playdate.

I just linked to your blog and the other two on my blog. I don't have a ton of readers but I'm sure we'll have some results. My postcards should hit the mailbox tomorrow or Saturday.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Ann Adams

Susan said...

"Slamming your tit in the refridgerator door" is hysterical. Unless it's your tit, I suppose.

Glad to hear that we won't have to send the daycarista cards, too. And hooray for Nadine! And for Homestead.

Now where's my margarita?

LadyBug said...

Make mine a daiquiri (daquiri? how the hell do you spell it?), and I'm in.

Love and hugs to you, Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Yay for daycarista! That tit-slamming is good!

I'm sending my card today (and some stickers, cause girls love stickers!) and I posted this on my blog and shared it around work.

Thanks for getting this started--I am nothing short of amazed at the power of the internet.

daysgoby said...

Would it be a good idea to send anything else? Stickers, little toys, hair ribbons, candy? (I'm in Canada - we have a lot of the same candy with different wrappers, which kids seem to think is really cool)
And what does Levi like?

Homestead said...

granny- I read your comments at Susan's all the time.

susan- Have you had one? Am I wrong? Squish. Margaritas are in the freezer... next to the Phish Food.... right where they are supposed to be....

lb- strawberry? Frozen or on the rocks??

onecruegirl- If you knew this kid you would just love her.

daysgoby- Probably not the hair ribbons (the hair... it won't last long once treatment gets underway....) but the other stuff is great. Levi is a typical 4-year-old BOY. He's all boy.

Anonymous said... furniture???
i have my great grandfather coming tomorrow, and i actually have new stuff ready and waiting to be delivered, but they can't untill my husband gets the deck up so they can get in. It is july, did i mention that my appliances have been in since APRIL!!!?
NOw i am at the point of trying to hide all of the laundry everywhere that has piled up as i have tried to sort out the winter from summer clothes. Meanwhile, my 7 year old twin boys and 2 year old daughter think they need 3 outfits a day, and i can't find the dishwasher through the dishes.
Hope grandpa is agile!