Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break

Had to take a break for spring break and a few health things.

I want a new term for Bucket List.  I get it.  The movie.  Kick the Bucket.  Whatever.  I still want a different term.  Anyone?

So the spring break bucket list

1.  EAT DESSERT BEFORE LUNCH DOWNTOWN.  We went to lunch at the new Taco Del Sol location..... Tuff wants to have her birthday there because, "LOOK mom... they already have a pinyata in the window!!!"
2.  BIG DIPPER.  We had to sit outside and wait until they opened at 11.  So worth it.  Followed by lunch.
3.  DAIRY QUEEN.  Sweet had his first Blizzard.  Reece's PB cup.  A new obsession.
4.  EXPLORATION WORKS. I had a pass for one kid for Exploration Works..... it was still fairly pricey for what it is... in my opinion. 
5.  SKIING:  Fail.  The day we were planning to go the wind was blowing mach 3 so we skipped it.
6.  GO TO THE MOVIE THEATRE.  We saw the Lorax.... complete with giant bag of popcorn.... and it was daddy's idea.  This was our most expensive outing.  I think tickets were $5.50 for the matinee so $27.50 to get in and then about $10 for popcorn and a pop for daddy.  Yes, I smuggled in water bottles. 
7.  MCDONALD'S.  Green Lantern Toys.
8.  THREE PARKS.  We did Pioneer Park, the fairgrounds & the school.
9.  MOVIE NIGHT(S).  We did several.  We watched HOP.  We ate spaghetti on tv trays.  We went all out.
10. SWIMMING.  One day we were slightly delayed for a quick freak snowstorm.  Yes, the pool is outside.  Yes, we went anyway.
11. PLAY DATE AT DAYCARE.  The bigs love daycare.  They did a playdate and lunch date to see their buddies.  And it gave me a chance to sneak to Target and get some Easter stuff and run to the office for a bit.
12. LIBRARY.  Including a visit upstairs in the elevator to see the turtle fountain.

The girls and I even did a strolling trip down the walking mall on a day when Sweet went hiking with his dad.  They couldn't decide which store to go in first.... the toy store or the kitchen goods store.  Seriously.  They love the kitchen store.  We didn't take any good walks but we did play outside quite a bit. 

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