Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cell Phones and Little Projects

Over spring break I had a few things to cross off my list.  Those things that are on your list so long you kind of just think you will never do them.  Those things. 

One was to get the cell phone booster off the roof and test it.  I finally read the instructions and it turns out putting it on the roof with a long cable run (with questionable quality cable) isn't the best plan in all cases.

And when the roofers were here (Um... TWO YEARS ago) they hooked it back on sideways.  And I know that ain't right.

But.  To fix this.  I need to crawl to the top of our two-story house.  And my husband told me to just put it on his list and he'd do it for me.

Did I mention TWO YEARS???

So one afternoon (when Hot was not around) when the wind wasn't blowing I handed the cordless to Sweet and crawled out the girls' bedroom window.  First stopping, of course, to admire the insane collection of bugs in their window.  Damn.  We REALLY need new windows.  And windex.  And someone to clean them.

But back to the story.  I was dressed for the occassion.... comfy jeans, traction-y sneakers and a knife.  Walking around from the bedroom was no problem.  But then I had to figure out how to get up on top of the windows in their room.... hmmm.  I ended up climbing the part of the roof that makes that darn chicken coop ceiling in the bathroom and hopping over onto the top of our window.  No problems so far so I scramble up to the peak and start scootching over to the antenna.  It's a long scootch and I don't want to put pressure on the roofing materials over the peak so it was fairly entertaining I'm sure.

At this point I holler for Sweet to make sure he is paying attention.  His instructions were, "If you see me fall off the roof... dial 911 and stay on the line."  Seems responsible, right?  I look down and there is Tuff... with the flip camera.  Her mother may end up with a broken back but she's determined to submit it and win 10k. 

I finally get the antenna down and track back around and get off the roof.  I'm pretty proud of myself for doing the whole thing without a ladder.

Now my to-do list has "test cell phone booster" on it... maybe next week.

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Elle said...

Must be in the air.

I've been crossing off the "put them on my list and I'll help you with it" projects for the last month or so.

Did she get pictures?