Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You know... a round thing... in 3-D

Sometimes there are words I can use in a sentence but I have no idea how to pronounce.  The challenges of being a reader, right?  writhe.  That's the only one I can think of right now. 

This morning Sweet set himself up for disaster trying to say Odysseus and the Odyssy.... which I will have to google to see if I can even spell....

In the car on the way to school he kept talking about a "suf-fear" and had Tuff discussing it as well.  I listened for a while and absolutely could NOT decipher what they were talking about....  Finally Sweet says, "You know mom... a suf-fear.  Like a basketball?" 

Oh.  A Sphere.

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Elle said...

One day in my freshman biology class, our teacher was doing those terrible kinds of days where you go around the room and each kid reads one sentence or one paragraph. The most popular, handsome, hot jock guy in our class mispronounced "organism" and said "orgasm."

Oh MY God. It was a hilarious day.

I loved it.