Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Organizer

I got a new organizer.  I know.  Get a smart phone.  But I'm still a paper girl.  So I picked up this ARC notebook at Staples.  It is half-sheet sized.  I also got some dividers, a little notepad, a folder and a zipper pouch.  It was on sale so I made it out of the store for less than $20.

Cute, right?  I took most of the extra paper out to save weight.  And I printed tiny white labels on clear tape for the dividers. 

The cool thing is the rings there.....  The paper is cut in a mushroom shape so you can take pages out and put them in somewhere else. 

Here I am in design phase....  Trying to figure out what to keep in it.  My tabs are:  schedule, books & movies, places to go, medical & reference.

I didn't like how it was opening up in my bag so I put two paper-punch holes in the back and ran a strap of narrow black elastic around it and then stapled them after threading them through the holes.  Slick.

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