Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend in Review

Yes.  It snowed at our house on Sunday.  Yes, it was a lot. Yes, I had clothes on the line.  Yes, they are still there.  I like to call it "double-rinsed with mountain freshness" and leave it at that.

Yes, the girls and I went shopping at Ross on Sunday.  We bought two pairs of aviator sunglasses for $15.  Something that has been on my "style" list for YEARS now.

Yes, we played outside and went for a walk on Saturday.  Yes, it was lovely.  Yes, I did dig a little in the flowerbeds... just a little grass needed pulling... there's a lot left to dig. 

Yes, I made a pot roast with veggies and a batch of rolls for dinner on Saturday.  Yes, it renewed my husband's faith in his choice of life-mate.  I even made it his favorite way... which is not my favorite way. 

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