Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purse Fashion

I'm in search of a new purse.  Always.  To post about purses.... first I need to post pictures of my current purses. Up first.  A cute little number I picked up this weekend at Ross for $25.  I'm returning it.  It is cute and buttery soft but that clasp comes out the second you grab it by the handle. 

Next up.  My 31 purse.  From Elle's collection.  I like the squareness but the pattern is a little much for "official" work stuff.  Still a fun purse.

My redneck purse.  I don't use this one much but it is still fun.

My official work purse.  Big enough to put files in it if needed.  It didn't photograph well but it is classic black leather 9 West.  

 Who doesn't love Haiku?  I love my Haiku wallet.  I don't adore this purse... it doesn't sit quite right and it is a little heavy and I don't like the buckle clasp.  But it is cute.

And what am I putting IN my purse?  My haiku wallet, my organizer, my pink mesh bag of goodies & the striped bag of current stuff (ipod, lip gloss etc.)

I also like Kavu purses and Fossil.

So what is your current purse obsession?  What are you hauling around and what would be your perfect purse?


Elle said...

God, I'm always in search of the perfect purse. With Thirty-One, I have now tried EVERY purse ever known to man . . . . and rejected most of them.

I"m still looking . . . .

Put that on your summer to-do list here. Try all the Thirty-One purses and see if you like any of the new styles.

I HATE the one I'm carrying right now. I also hate the one I was carrying before then. It was too heavy and way too deep and I can't find anything in it without a miner's cap & headlight on. So frustrating.

I could go on forever and ever . . . .

Christal said...

Purses - bitty handmade one from the Holter - brand name Maruca (from Boulder, Colorado) that's just big enough for a check book and snack bag size ziplock for cards. It's a dark purple with tiny thin multicolored stripes that go with anything, 2 pockets on the front, one for my keys and the other I slip my cell phone into. My other bag was made by my girlfriend out of a tweed charcoal blazer with flecks of color, 2 velvet outside pockets, and a multitude of inside the bag pockets. The other bag she made me was from a soft cashmere type chocolate brown wool. They're my favorite carry everything bags and the handles are just the right length. She made wild flowers for them out of mens' silk ties.

SarahP said...

A turquoise and brown-embroidered with silver studs (a touch rednecky) bag from Montana West I scored off ebay. It's the compliment-getter.
I also have a red coach bag I absolutely stole for $25.