Monday, March 12, 2012


Ok.  Really.  We are working our way through the house.  Group effort.  Starting with the bathroom.

I ask this question of Elle every, oh, 6 months or so...  I think it is the time change... I'm tired and my mind is on repeat....


But her answer is based on having 4 kids & 4 bathrooms. 

We have:

3 towels on hooks (me, Hot, Tuff)
2 hoodie towels on hooks (Sweet, Bugsy... the princess and the frog)
1 hair towel (those twisty things)
3 towels on the shelf
1 hoodie towel on the shelf (why?  I don't know... it is a duck.  It is cute.  Bug likes to use it for the sprinkler)
5 beach towels
2 hand towels... one on the hook and one on the shelf
5-6 washrags
And Hot has a gym-bag towel that rotates into the wash every once in a while. 
And a stack of beachy towels in the garage that are good enough for running through the sprinkler or washing the dog but not house-worthy and probably not even pool worthy.

I think I've finally even culled all the "someday I will need these when we have a second bathroom" towels from the shed.  Sigh.  That was a hard dream to let go.


Elle said...

Get out of my head . . . I was just going to ask you about towels again . . .

What is my *&^& obsession with towels?

And now, things have really changed, since Middle moved into the downstairs bathroom and Big uses the other upstairs one . . . . It used to be that all the towels were in one bathroom. Now, I'm all spread out. Sheesh.

Christal said...

We have way way too many towels. 3 bathrooms & 4 adults & 2 dogs. Beige & white for the pale green green guest bath. Brown and cream for the master bath. After a year, half the guest bath towels have disappeared. So today, I bought 2 more regular size & 1 bath sheet at Costco and 16 white washrags. And 1 carmel color bath sheet for the upstairs bath (for when I have to use it) since the old house towels went there or to the dog washing/mud wiping drawer in the laundry room.

I am trying to pull back on the accumulation of things. It hurt to realize that my DOGS! have more clothes than some kids in Africa (& elsewhere). So, I'm working on sewing Little Dresses for Africa. 52 in a year (equivalent of 1 a week but certainly not happening that way.) Pillowcase dresses or something similar with me using up my scrap fabric stash.

Next I'll take on the Britches for Boys. (That pattern is from a t-shirt and it's pretty cool how it comes together.)

Homestead said...

I've seen those pillowcase dresses.... they are very cute and so clever.

M&Co. said...

Like Elle, I've been thinking about towels too. When my husband and I married, 22 years ago, we go about a zillion really nice bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. I don't think I've bought anything besides beach/pool towels since we've been married. But time has taken its toll and they are beginning to look pretty ratty. I'm thinking two bath towels, one wash cloth per person and three hand towels for each bathroom. Plush the beach/pool towels. Anyone else have any thoughts on that? Too many? What about guests? We don't have them often but what do we do when we do? Four more for guests? Oh wise one, advise me.