Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Day 6: Five things that the younger generation is missing. What will you do to teach them and bridge the gap?

1.  The ability to dance with a partner.

2.  The joys of imagination and creative play.  Yes, we once took a chalkboard apart to make weapons and we were destructive... it is part of being creative.  Kids should be able to play for hours without a toy.

3.  Handwriting.

4.  Relaxation, being unplugged and just hanging out.  Everything is technology, schedules and attaining goals.  And we think watching tv is relaxation... it isn't.

5.  Doing dangerous things.  I'm a big fan of helmets.  I don't like tiny high-powered magnets, sucker sticks or dangerous chemicals under the sink.  But I was riding a 3-wheeler, hooky-bobbing behind a horse, building a sled from an old formica counter and I could drive a "big rig" by the time I was 12. 

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Elle said...

Handwriting. For sure!

Where have you been? I miss you like crazy.