Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Freakin' Laundry Room Stuff

Upon further consideration.... .and a trip to Lowe's....

I might need a cabinet 28" deep by 70+" tall by 12" wide..... AND THEN a rolling cart 52" tall by 28" deep by 12" wide......
Hot and I had a date last night.  Burgers and a beer and then a trip to Lowe's.  We wandered around Lowe's in the garage storage section trying to think what would work in the laundry room.  Hot has great ideas when he's willing to focus on a project. 


Do a rolling cart/shelf thing for the:  dog food, cat food, recycling bucket & tool box right next to the washer (where the white plastic shelf is now). Then put the carpet cleaner(s) and some cleaning stuff in the cabinet (where the carpet cleaner is now).  I need about 8" of clearance from the hot water heater.  In a perfect world include the vacuum in the pantry cabinet to clear space in the upstairs hall closet... if I can get it empty I'm turning it into game storage and a reading nook.... but don't hold your breath.

Hot also thinks a more robust book shelf would work where the little one is by the breaker box..... that would be cool.  If it is very tall it has to roll to get the breaker box free so it has to be short and not stick out very far. 

Hot was also open to my idea about changing up the little desk in the dining room to make built-in storage. 


Elle said...

I love the color of paint in there . . . when did you do that??

Homestead said...

It has been a few years ago.... all that smoker's white and peach finally got to me.

It is called "Palladian Blue" by Benny Moore. My favorite.