Sunday, March 18, 2012

The search is on.....

I need a cabinet. 

52 inches tall.

26 inches wide.

28 inches deep.

I'm planning to put it between the washer and the water heater.  I'd like closed doors and more of an open inside (not lots of little shelves) so I could maybe put the carpet cleaner and pet food in there.  It doesn't have to be fancy.

Oh, and in a perfect world it would have casters.... I have to be able to move it to get to the whole-house filter and water valves.



Christal said...

Did you consider a plastic or lightweight wooden bookshelf on casters with plexiglass sliders on a U or L shaped channel (like sliding glass doors) to keep the dust/dirt out.

With that height the weight might be a problem. Think of this but smaller/lighter weight.

Or if you found a rolling garment rack that fit, you could sew a cover like this...

Let us all know what you find (or make) for it.

Homestead said...

We have a plastic set of shelves there now.... it works pretty well and beats the heck out of the milk crates I was using before. Originally I wanted a wire shelf unit like you see in restaurants but now I'm not sure.