Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project: Yard

Project:  Mint is happening again this summer.  I had to get digging before Hot sprayed all the weeds by the barn. 
This is me, paused, in my monster trek from the bottom barn up to the house.....

Here are all the stupid baby weeds... you have a choice:  weeds, grass or bare dirt.  Someday.... grass.

Envision this.... Project:  Garden.  If we rip out all the wood from the old cattle chute and leave just the upright posts and the gate on the other end.... wrap it in deer fence and rehab the poor soil..... does it scream "adorable tiny garden plot" to you??  I should get to this project in about the year 2018....

Project:  Mint.  Complete.  This corner gets so hot it just fries any "real" plants.... so mint it is.  Also..... yes.... staining the porch is on the agenda for this summer.

Sad porch.  Needs loving.

The south side of the porch. Also in need of much love.  The horse is named Trot.

Sad fairy garden.  Needs less rain.

Also... needs a new deer proof shield.... ideas?

Really sad fairy garden camping outpost (what?  Fairies like to recreate too...)  The teepee actually washed away.... so much rain. 

1 comment:

Elle said...

If I may be so honest . .

A. The green grass, where there is grass, is lovely.
B. I'd like to spend an afternoon in that hammock. It's under your mack-daddy best-tree-in-the-world-for-climbing tree, right?
C. Trot. We have one of those. Her name is Stripe. But in honor of Junie B. Jones, we also call her Phillip Johnny Bob.
D. I would really like . . . seriously, from the bottom of my butt . . . to come help you stain your porch, make a garden plot where the cattle ramp is or dinker around one of the hundred barns. I would REALLY like to do that. It would be fantabulous.