Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fire Wife: Halfway Point

Officially.  We are half-way as of tonight.  The end of day 7 of a 14 day detail. 

Hot switched from night duty to swing shift today.  They will be on days starting tomorrow.  Here is what he reports:

1.  It is very hot.
2.  It is very sweaty.
3.  He ate breakfast (at 5:30pm) at Red Lobster.
4.  Yes, he had a cheesy biscuit thingy.
5.  Yes, it was delicious.
6.  No, I don't need to get the recipe from copykat.
7.  Alligators are creepy.
8.  Armadillos are tough.
9.  Running over frogs (or toads?) you can't dodge makes him sad.

I think he's happy to be switching to days.  He might get to do some real work instead of just monitoring dozer line and mop up.  He said there is a lot of fire they can see but can't get too because of the terrain. 

He misses us terribly and can't wait to get home.  Let's see..... 

Sunday, June 19:  Father's Day.  Left town around 1300.  Travel to Rapid City.  Arrive approximately 0100. 
Monday, June 20:  Travel delayed due to tornado warnings.  Arrive Shelby, Iowa.  (Behind schedule.)
Tuesday, June 21:  More tornado warnings and several detours due to flooding.  Arrive Nashville, TN.  Did not see Miranda Lambert but a cute blonde DID wave to them from a street corner.....  Definitely not a country music star.  Saw the ghost of Hank Williams, Sr.
Wednesday, June 22:  Arrive in Georgia.
Thursday, June 23:  Day 1.  Staying in Valdosta.  About an hour away from fire camp.  Georgia doesn't "camp out" crews... too many alligators and creepy-crawlies.  2 Alligators.
Friday, June 24: Day 2.  Moved to Park Lake, GA.  Still about an hour away.  10 Alligators.  Rained and it is so humid sunglasses fog up when you go outside.
Saturday, June 25:  Day 3.  5 Alligators and an Armadillo.
Sunday, June 26:  Day 4.  Stopped counting Alligators.
Monday, June 27:  Day 5.  Bugsy's birthday.  Sick and tired of the night shift.
Tuesday, June 28:  Day 6.  Last night shift. 
Wednesday, June 29:  Day 7.  Halfway.  Swing shift in anticipation of going to days tomorrow.  Did laundry.

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Elle said...

Alligators and armadillos. Ewww. And the heat and humidity. I would be a terrible southerner --