Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Presents. Love the Presents

Do you go overboard sometimes?  I did.  The gifts for the big girl turning two.

Tinkerbell Tag Book
Baseball Mitt
Pink Softball
Mulan Movie
Three Sunglasses Cases
Six (or Nine) Pairs of Sunglasses  (Oh.... they didn't have the aviator ones when I ordered.... I need them.  Watch for a decent coupon and free shipping.... this is my parenting tip of the day..... and stock up.)
Squinkee Salon
Sqinkee Jumbo Pack

I love that kid.  Her favorite thing was the little sunglasses cases.  So sweet. Wait until you see all the stuff I got for Tuff's birthday.

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Elle said...

Oh, we love squinkies. Love. Squinkies.