Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cars of Summer

I need some advice.  I'm having car issues.  Specifically.... car packing issues for summer. 

Or maybe this is more about generally summer activity organization.

I'm struggling.

Here's where I'm at.... tell me where I'm going wrong.

Daycare:  We have a daycare bag.  It's big and orange-ish and made by Keen.  It contains three Eagle Creek cubes... one for each kid.... with various gear.... socks, sweatshirts, spare panties, t-shirt, sweats, spare swimsuit.  It also has a small bag with a travel toothbrush/paste for each kid, some mylicon drops (I guess those could go), ambesol, lip balm and eye drops.  A spare diaper and some wipes.  A spare blankie and some pacis.  Sunscreen lives on the top of the fridge at daycare.

The usual car stuff:  hand sanitizer, spare paci, lip balm, dog leash, spare sunglasses, random coupons, gum, pen/pad, tissues, wipes, jumbo first aid kit, grocery store bags, coffee shack punch card, umbrella stroller.

Summer:  spare sweatshirts (x4),  fabulous 31 picnic blanket, spare water bottles.

Baseball:  Mitt, ball, hat.  Make sure you are wearing the right shoes.  Snacks.  Entertainment for the girls.  Game Days:  Uniform t-shirt, grey shorts, socks, hat, cleats.

Picnics:  Ziplock bag with knife, bottle opener, cork screw & can opener.  Plastic silverware and napkins.

Snacks:  Most often for baseball we have a soft-side cooler with ice packs and lots of snacks.  Sometimes we do this for going to Spring Meadow or the playground as well.

Swimming Lessons:  suits (2), towels, goggles, hair stuff, clothes for after.

Swimming at the club:  suits (4), towels, goggles & giant bag of toys and floaties, hair stuff, jammies for after, sunscreen if early in the day.

Swimming at Spring Meadow:  suits (3), towels, goggles & giant bag of toys and floaties, hair stuff, jammies for after, sunscreen, snacks or dinner.

All this planning and I still feel unprepared.  How do you pack for the day so you are prepared and can go with the flow regardless of what happens?  I need all this rigorous discipline (planning and packing) so I can be an easy-going mom (sure, let's do something fun on our bucket list tonight).... how does that compute?

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Elle said...

Does it help at all to just have someone say, "I get that. I copy you. Mmm-hhmmmm, sister . . . what you said."

Maybe that's a whole blogger topic.